Round Shape Ball Pendulum


Natural Stone Ball Pendulum With Chain
Balance energy blockages in your body & promote spiritual healing!
Ball can be used for divination and dowsing. These help in decision making by facilitating communication between the subconscious mind and energy field around us.
Product: Pendulum | Stone: Natural | Shape: Round Pendulum | Weight: 15 Gm | Length: 2 cm | Width: 2 cm | Height: 4 cm |
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Round Shape Ball Crystal Pendulum


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  • People also trust the pendulum enough and have developed such a relationship to let the the pendulum guide them with the most difficult spots of their lives.
  • You will receive a free Booklet which explain properties of pendulums and its benefits. Energy Healing benifits of Pentacle Star Healing Dowsing Pendulum.. How to create a positive energy around your living area . Pendulum for professional dowsers and dowsing tool
  • Pendulum react to your subconscious mind. When held properly, the pendulum will react to very small nerve reactions in your fingers that are generated by your unconscious mind in response to a question poised. Relax and focus. Clear your mind of worries.