Scolecite Heart Shape Palm Stone Crystal


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Scolecite Heart Shape Palm Stone Crystal


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Tap into a trail of tranquility and love by meditating with a Scolecite Heart!
Healing properties of Scolecite:
Scolecite has a tranquil energy that promotes inner peace and deep relaxation.
It is a great meditation stone that guards one from negative thoughts and enhances their thought patterns.
It brings peace of mind and eases anxiety.
It’s soothing yet energizing energy inspires individuals to love themselves while striving towards their better self.
Scolecite helps relieve insomnia, and sleeping with it ensures one to get a better night s sleep.
A Scolecite Heart can also make for a perfect Valentine s gift for your loved ones.
Scolecite works best on the Third Eye and higher Crown chakras, instilling a sense of peace and stillness to the mind and body.
Scolecite brings about a restful sleep, which is ideal for insomniacs. Meditating with Scolecite enhances communication with spirit guides.