Crystal Ganesha at home

While hustling around in our busy schedules, we forget the relations we share with people around us. We have engrossed ourselves enough in this materialistic world to lose focus on what we ideally desire. However, when it’s about Ganpati Bappa, we keep our busy schedules at par because we all love him. Isn’t that a miraculous festival that brings everyone around us together? People in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana bring home Ganesh Murti on the fourth day of Bhadrapad month, according to the Hindu calendar. In Maharashtra, pandals are placed in various places with high creativity. Pandals and mandaps are decorated with flowers, lights, clothes and a lot more to give it a background theme.

The primary purpose of Ganesh Chaturthi is to help devotees purify their sins and guide them down the path of enlightenment and understanding. It is believed that Bappa takes away all your sorrows on Anant Chaturdashi, i.e., the 10th day of the festival, which is known as Ganpati Visarjan. It’s heartbreaking for everyone to see him go away because he’s everyone’s favorite. But you can still have him home even after visarjan if you use Crystal Ganesh Murti. Also, it serves the purpose of protecting the environment from chemicals and POPs. Most of them now opt for eco-friendly Ganesha, which is sculpted using clay, flowers and other natural elements which do not harm nature.

Where to place Ganesh Ji Murti?

If you would have noticed, most of the home entrances welcome you with Lord Ganesha because it wards off all evil eyes before it enters your home. According to vastu, placing your Ganpati murti in the northeast direction with the trunk tilted towards Bappa’s left side seeks peace and prosperity in life.

Bring home a crystal Ganesh murti to place on your study table because its alluring to worship him daily before you start working or studying, as it helps to maintain your focus. Also, remember that having more than one Ganesh idol for a home will counteract the energies of Riddhi Siddhi. So, one would suffice.

Types of Crystal Ganesh Murti at Shubhanjali

Protective Yellow Aventurine Ganesh Murti

Yellow Aventurine crystal Ganesh Murti

Are you puzzled thinking about a gift for a housewarming party? Fade away your worries because our Yellow aventurine Ganesh idol for home would sum up to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity for the receiver. It’s majestic how the simple presence of Bappa around us makes us feel protected. Add another layer of protection with yellow aventurine ganpati murti at your home by placing him in your living room. The vibrations of this healing stone will enable you to grow spiritually and emotionally by calming down your anger and irritation. However, it would be apt to place him on your office table because yellow aventurine crystal stone will amplify your creativity and leadership.

Empowering Rose Quartz Ganesha Idols

As rose quartz healing stone is associated with the heart chakra, owning an item that is made from this stone will benefit physical and emotional health. While lord Ganesh serves as a protector to bring success and prosperity into your life by removing obstacles, our specially handcrafted Rose quartz Ganpati murti will inspire an attitude of kindness in the people around it. If you want to evoke self-love in your friend, gift them our rose quartz Ganesh ji murti this Ganesh Chaturthi 2022. It will not only boost self-love, but also heal all the relationship problems they are experiencing.

Attractive Tiger Eye Stone Ganesh ji murti

Tiger Eye Ganesha Murti

While Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner this month, you can opt for eco friendly Ganesha if you haven’t booked a murti yet. However, bring home Tiger Eye Stone Ganesha on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi because a muhurat helps to reap the best benefits. While Bappa brings home peace and prosperity, the tiger eye stone attracts positive vibes. And when you have Ganesh murti of the tiger eye stone, it will help to bring harmony in life by surviving all crises. Place this crystal Ganesh murti at your home or office entrance, and it will undoubtedly protect you from all the evil spirits.

Opalite Ganesh Idol for Office

Opalite Ganesha Murti

While Ganpati Bappa maintains harmony, Opalite crystal stone promotes peace, purity and tranquility. Our Opalite white and blue shaded crystal Ganesh are ideal for the office as it helps us achieve milestones in business with high energies. Also, we have ample things to distract our minds while at work, but Opalite Ganesh ji Murti helps stabilize our minds by removing all energy blockages from the chakras.

So, while India is celebrating the Ganesh festival at home and in pandals, you can save our mother earth by opting for crystal Ganesha, who can be worshipped even after visarjan.