Tanzanite Sterling Silver 925 Ring


Natural Tanzanite Sterling Silver 925 Ring

100% Authentic Stone

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Benefits of Natural Tanzanite Stone

Buy Natural Tanzanite Sterling Silver 925 Ring

  • Tanzanite is effective on the Heart, Throat, and 3rd Eye chakra.
  • It helps to increase the energy of the mind and heart effectively.
  • Due to its effect on the throat chakra, it increases one’s communication ability.
  • It is good for high blood pressure.
  • Increases foresight ability.
  • It supports biological and spiritual vision.
  • It is effective in alleviating the negative effects of depression.
  • It helps to strengthen the sense of hearing.

Ring Size Adjustable

Crystal Properties: Tanzanite is known for its mesmerizing violet-blue hue and is associated with spiritual insight, transformation, and heightened intuition. As a healing crystal, Tanzanite is believed to bring balance, calmness, and a sense of protection.

This exquisite ring showcases the allure of the Tanzanite crystal in an elegant Sterling Silver 925 setting. The free-size design ensures a comfortable and adjustable fit, allowing you to enjoy both the aesthetic and potential metaphysical benefits of this beautiful gemstone. Embrace the pure and natural essence of Tanzanite as a unique and meaningful addition to your jewelry collection.