Black Onyx Faceted Beads Bracelet


Black Onyx Faceted Bracelet


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Black Onyx – Negativity, Strength, Wisdom

Black onyx brings the Great Spirit into one s life. Attracts good fortune. Increases concentration and clarity. Promotes good will. Aids in overcoming flaws, fears, and loneliness. Removes jinxes, helps eliminate bad luck. Has a calming effect during times of stress. Gives a sense of strength and courage. Encourages fertility. Powerful healer. The information provided is based on individual experience and should not be treated as medical advice. Inadvertent use of it will not be our responsibility.Pi Yao also known as Pi Xiu, Pi Xie, It’s a symbol traditional of protection, luck and wealth. It is believed to bring fortune, good tidings to your home or workplace and protection to its owner. This creature does not allow wealth to leave the home or workplace. It’s a wonderful way to draw a positive energies, wealth, success, health and good luck into your life.

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Please Note: You will receive one crystal similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique.