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The Lotus Shubh Labh Hanging with Success Citrine & Green Aventurine Crystal Stone is a harmonious and meaningful decorative piece, bringing together elements of spirituality and prosperity. This hanging features a lotus flower design, which is a sacred symbol in various cultures, signifying purity and enlightenment. “Shubh Labh” is a traditional term in Hindu culture that represents good fortune and prosperity, making it an auspicious addition to any space.

Incorporated into this hanging are two distinct crystal stones.

  • Citrine crystal, known for its vibrant yellow hue, is often associated with abundance, wealth, and success. It is believed to enhance one’s personal power and motivation to achieve their goals.
  • Green Aventurine, the other crystal used, is characterized by its gentle green color and is often linked to luck and growth. This stone is believed to attract opportunities and promote positive change in one’s life.

This beautifully crafted hanging combines the sacred lotus design with the metaphysical properties of Citrine and Green Aventurine, making it a meaningful and attractive addition to any space, while also serving as a talisman for success and prosperity.

Product Details

Size 10 X 3.5 Inches

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