Solar Laughing Buddha with Waving Fan and Ignot


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The laughing buddha is regarded as one of the most auspicious Gods of wealth. It brings prosperity, success and financial gains to the house. However, the location of placing the Laughing buddha is important. It has to be placed at an height of some 30″ approximate and should be facing the main door directly. The Laughing buddha greets the energies that enter from the main gate and activates them manifold so that they become highly prosperous. If this location is not possible, the next best place to keep the Laughing buddha is on a side table or a corner table, which is diagonally opposite to the main door and in this case also the Laughing buddha should be facing the door. It is not advisable to keep the Laughing buddha in a bedroom or in the dining room. This God of wealth is not worshiped or prayed to, but just displayed and its presence is purely symbolic and auspicious.

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