Narmadeshwar Shiva Lingam,Hindu God Shiva


In every home lord Shiva resides there. One can get rid of all ailments by performing daily puja to Narmadeshwar Shivling. It effect of planet Saturn is eliminated by keeping Narmadeshwar Shivling at home.NARMADESHWAR SHIVA LINGAM are found only in one place on the entire planet, the Narmada River.One shall perform daily puja of Narmedeswar Shivlings to achieve success in life.This Namadeshar Shivlings are obtained from the River Narmada in Madhya Pradesh. Narmadeshwar Shivlings are considered to very auspicious as thet are made naturally in the river bed. It is believed that where there is Narmadeshwar Shivling also helps in maintaing the cordial relation between husband and wife. Couple who keep Narmedswar Shivling in their home are blessed with Lord shiva Aashirwad. Narmadeshwar Shivling is a must at every home.

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    • NARMADESHWAR SHIVA LINGAM are found only in one place on the entire planet, the Narmada River. Lord Shiva from time immemorial has been worshiped in the form of linga or lingam. The word linga is derived from the two Sanskrit words laya (dissolution) and agaman (recreation). Thus the linga symbolizes both the creative and destructive power of the Lord and great sanctity is attached to it by the devotees.
    • Products Size : Length 14 cm x Width 8 cm x Height 10 cm ,Weight : 754 gm,(COLOR-Brown).GIFT – Religious,Auspicious Events, Diwali.(Prosperity ,Happiness,Good health,enough wealth,Protects from evil effects,Help to cure disease,Peace of mind,Better Bhakti,All kind of protection,Financial growth,Concentration,Power of worship)Offering you a complete choice of products which include shivalingam stone, shivling, narmada shiva lingam,Narmdeswar shivling and naramda shivling / shivlingam.
    • Narmadeshwar Shiva lingam is the holy symbol of union of Lord shiva and Shakti .
    • Possessing this Narmada Shivalingam is considered highly auspicious and is believed to bring peace, progeny, luck, wealth, fame and prosperity.Importance of Narmadeshwar Lingam is mentioned in the Shiva Purana.It is said that Lord Shiva blesses the place where Narmadeshwar Lingam is kept and worshipped.
    • This Stone Are making from Natural Stones so there might be a very slight variation.Stones could have some variation from the picture displayed as they are natural and vary in shapes and sizes.This gemstone sizes(thickness) may appear slightly different from the Natural Stone.It may represent an entire lot of items so the pattern you receive may vary slightly to the one you see above but the healing properties of the product remains the same.
    Weight 754 g
    Dimensions 14 × 8 × 10 cm