Kamdhenu Idol God Cow With Calf


Kamadhenu Cow is a cow of plenty who fulfills all the wish and is portrayed as the mother of all cows. Kamadhneu Cow is also known as a Gayatri and worshipped as a heavenly cow. It is the cow of heaven so it carries benefits that are numerous.It can be established in Temple at your Home aside Shri Krishna, who loved cows as much. Kamdhenu cow, adorned with different deities, is the symbol of prosperity and vatsalya and is considered highly auspicious for countering the vastudoshas (architectural faults) and enhancing the overall good luck. It is believed that each part of the kamdhenu cow embodies a particular deity and is worshipped as the divine wish-fulfilling cow goddess, according to Hindu mythology. This divine cow, which lives in swargalok (heaven).

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Benefits of Kamdhenu cow and calf statue at home/office:

  • Kamdhenu cow statue is believed to bring prosperity and wealth to the household.
  • Many people believe that having a Kamdhenu cow statue in the house can bring happiness and peace.
  • Kamdhenu cow is also known as a wish-fulfilling cow and is said to fulfill the desires of the worshipper.
  • It remove the negative effects from the home. It blesses one with happiness and good wealth.
  • Product Size COW :- Length : (26 cm) Width : (45 Cm) Height : (26 Cm) Weight : 1540, CALF :- Length : (11 cm) Width : (20 Cm) Height : (11 Cm) Weight : 400 gm Total Weight :- ( 903 Gram).
  • If it is kept in the workplace, it attracts positive energy and growth in the business.
  • Keeping Kamdhenu cow at home removes incoming obstacles.
  • It removes excessive expense if placed in the south-west corner on any Monday.