Ruby Zoisite Rectangle Beads Bracelet


Natural Ruby Zoisite Crystal Tube Shape Beads Bracelet

100% Authentic Stone

Handmade Elastic Bracelet

Use for Women, Men, Girls, Kids and Gifts

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Benefits of Ruby Zoisite:-
  • Ruby Zoisite enhances the connection between the heart and brain.
  • Ruby Zoisite possesses strong life force energies making it an effective stone for healing.
  • It is a stone of vitality and growth.
  • It attracts prosperity and abundance.
  • It fosters positive feelings in an individual’s love life.
  • It amplifies happiness, satisfaction, security and passion.
  • It dispels resentment, insecurity and jealousy.

“Dynamic Ruby Zoisite Tube Bead Bracelet: Elevate your style with the vibrant and harmonizing energy of Ruby Zoisite crystals featured in this bracelet with faceted cut tube beads. The striking combination of ruby red and lush green in Ruby Zoisite represents passion and growth. Wearing this bracelet is a fashionable way to embody dynamic energy and natural beauty.”

Natural Ruby Zoisite Stone | Tube Shape Beads Size 11 x 8 mm | Rectangle Cut Beads.