Ruby Record Keepers

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    Tap into a spectrum of knowledge and wisdom with the magnificent energy of Ruby Record Keepers..
    Ruby Record Keeper crystals are extraordinary as their natural triangular shapes etched on the surface of the stones, is the reason why these types of crystals are also known as a Record Keeper Crystal.
    Rubies have been highly symbolic of wealth, royalty, and nobility since ancient times.
    Ruby Crystal Healing Properties:
    Ruby plays a key role in spiritual healing.
    It is regarded as a Love stone making it deeply symbolic of romantic love and passion, and is perfect for those struggling with their romantic relationships.
    It helps individuals who lack passion and a drive for life, and adds an energy boost to their lives.
    Ruby crystals harness the earth s energy and offers protection, grounding, and security.
    Rubies incite and attract passion and love for others.
    It attracts good luck and enables the attainment of knowledge and psychic wisdom.