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Introducing our Diwali Combo Box, a harmonious blend of traditional elements and auspicious symbols that radiate the spirit of the festival. This elegantly designed plastic box comes equipped with essential items to usher in good fortune and prosperity. Inside, you’ll find a small Metal Kuber Laxmi Murti, Charan Paduka, two beautifully crafted diyas, the Shubh Labh emblem, a Vaijayanti mala, five Gomti chakras, five Laxmi kaudi shells, and five Kamal Gatta beads. Additionally, the box contains Chirmi seeds, a Mahalaxmi Yantra, 10 grams of Bhimseni, Roli, Chawal, and a vibrant red cloth, symbolizing the warmth and vibrancy of the festival. This Diwali Combo Box is more than just a collection of items; it’s a token of your heartfelt blessings and well-wishes for your loved ones, and a way to infuse their homes with the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. Bring joy, prosperity, and positive energy into your Diwali celebrations with this meticulously curated box, designed to make your festival truly special.

This Diwali Combo Box Includes:

  • Plastic box
  • Metal kuber laxmi murti small
  • Charan paduka
  • Mud diya 2
  • Shubh labh
  • Vaijayanti mala
  • Gomti Chakra 5
  • laxmi kaudi 5
  • Kamal gatta 5 beads
  • Chirmi seeds
  • Mahalaxmi yantra
  • Bhimseni 10 gm
  • Roli chawal