Premium Serpentine Tumble Stones


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Tumble stones are a versatile shape that is all-purpose and radiates energy gently in various directions.

The term “serpentine” is derived from “serpent.” While this term was probably certainly given to the serpentine stone because of its green colour, it represents numerous ancient views about the stone’s properties. Freeform crystals are irregularly shaped stones with a highly polished exterior, making them a gleaming, one-of-a-kind, and magnificent addition to your crystal collection.

Benefits of Serpentine:-
Serpentine stone brings inner peace and tranquility.
Serpentine attracts positive energy and dispels negativity.
It is an excellent stone to enhance your career.
It helps in manifesting what your heart truly desires.
It allures abundance in all forms – love, peace, prosperity, happiness and healing. It contains spiritual energies that clears energy blockages
It’stabilizes mood swings and provides relief from stress.
Serpentine encourages forgiveness and compassion in both yourself and others.