Education Keychain


This Keychain has excellent healing power, balancing vital energies for healthy and happy living.
Each semi-precious stone bead is hand-selected to ensure a high-quality piece.

Use Natural Crystal Beads:- Amethyst, Fluorite, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine and Azurite (Chrysocolla)

Material:- Alloy Metal

Natural Crystal Beads Education Keychain


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Education Crystal Keychain Healing and Properties:-

Amethyst – Clears doubts and confusions & increases focus.
Fluorite – Dispels negativity and keeps the person motivated throughout learning.
Azurite (Chryscolla) – Helps in memorizing and increase concentration.
Clear Quartz – Helps the person concentrate efficiently without distractions.
Lapis Lazuli – Helps child through distractions and keep studying without fail.
Citrine – Can pull out the right answers from your child during the tests.

All Beads Size 8 mm