Rutile Quartz Double Tourmalated Pendant


Black Rutile: Protection, Intuition, Luck, Fears.

Rutile Quartz Tourmalated Pendant


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Natural Black Rutile Quartz can amplify absorbed energy. It is a stone that can cover all steps for energy purify, absorb, and amplify. It is a best stone for people who want to make their circulation of energy and luck better.

Helps you accept challenges as it opens new ways to live. Black Rutile can remove negative energies from the surroundings as well as dispel bad will, purifying and energizing your aura and body.

Double Tourmalated Size:- 1 inch and Weight 0-7gm | Chain Length 29cm(Approx)

Please note: You will receive one crystal that will be similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique.