Que Sera Tower Point


Natural Que Sera Crystal Tower Point

100% Authentic Stone

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Single Point Terminated

Use for Home/Office, Table Decor, Meditation, Gifting Etc

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Benefits of Que Sera Crystal

  • Que Sera is believed to promote harmony and balance in various aspects of life.
  • It may be used in practices aimed at soothing emotional distress and promoting a more positive emotional state.
  • It may assist in deepening meditation, enhancing intuition, and connecting with higher states of consciousness.
  • It may be used to create a shield against negative energies and promote a sense of spiritual protection.
  • It is believed to stimulate the flow of energy through the chakra system, promoting a harmonious and balanced energy field.

Que Sera is a unique and rare crystal that was discovered in Brazil. It is not a well-known crystal, and its benefits are often based on metaphysical beliefs and individual experiences.