Pietersite Round Sterling Silver 925 Pendant


Natural Pietersite Sterling Silver 925 Pendant

100% Authentic Stone

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Benefits of Pietersite Crystal

It was said to bring happiness, wealth, and prosperity to your home or place of business if you wore Pietersite Jewelry or kept this stone near to you. When placed in a corner of the home or close to you, this stone would purify your aura and give you spiritual power while also boosting your courage.

it absorbs all the negative energies built throughout the day and in turn quiets your minds from racing of thoughts and also promotes healthy sleep.

It encourages you to chase your dreams, inspiring drive, focus, and a constructive mindset.

Note: The Chain shown in the image is not included with the product.

Make a bold statement with this Pietersite Round Pendant, expertly crafted from Sterling Silver 925. The mesmerizing round Pietersite gemstone, with its dynamic swirls of colors, takes center stage in this unique and eye-catching piece. Set in a sterling silver frame, the pendant exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication. Whether worn for a special occasion or to elevate your everyday style, this pendant is a distinctive accessory that reflects your individuality and appreciation for natural beauty.