Peridot Heart Sterling Silver 925 Stud Earring


Natural Peridot Heart Sterling Silver 925 Earrings

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    Benefits & Healing properties of Peridot:
    • It brings prosperity and happiness as it boosts creative powers and resulting satisfaction gained from work.
    • It is a stone for emotional strength and letting go of the past, also helps individuals suffering from depression.
    • Peridot stones have capacity for healing liver and digestion related ailments.
    • It brings good luck and makes the user realize their cherished dreams.
    • It helps an individual in discovering ones hidden talents leading to ultimate purpose in life.
    • It provides protection from evil eyes and negative energy.

    Stud Earrings Clasp Push Back

    Elevate your ear adornments with these charming Peridot Heart Stud Earrings, finely crafted from Sterling Silver 925. The heart-shaped Peridot gemstones add a touch of romance and elegance to your look, while the sterling silver setting enhances their natural beauty. Perfect for any occasion, these stud earrings effortlessly blend style and sophistication

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