Green Aventurine M-Seal Tree Gold Wire (300 – 500 Beads)


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  • GREEN AVENTURINE TREE: Natural Green aventurine Gemstone Handmade M Seal & Golden wire Branches Good Luck Tree of Size : Length 21 cm x Width 21 cm x Height 30 cm Weight 468 gm, It is said to Brings wealth, Prosperity & Good luck, Put it in your Drawing room, Kitchen, Office, Bed room & Entrance hall, Something simply beautiful like a gemstone tree can create a space where energy can freely flow and also attract good things.
  • GREEN AVENTURINE is a complete healing stone. Green aventurine is used for the heart chakra, Green crystal energy is used to resolve blockages and re-balance the heart chakra, helping us to clearly understand our own needs and emotions, Some wear or carry Green Aventurine to increase intelligence, perception and creativity, We can manage the ebb and flow of emotional relationships, understand their cyclical nature, and accept change.
  • Reiki relies on no other instruments beyond the practitioner. We do not use crystals, powders or wands as a general rule. However, one of the benefits of Reiki healing is distance healing then, many practitioners will use crystals to assist with the energy vibrations.
  • ATTENTION Our all products are handcrafted and handmade you will receive the similar item as picture shown, there always exists slight or minor deviations in size, color, shape and looks Due to natural Gemstones. Customize note: if you want to make your product in your own way, please let us know we will make any stone in any shape for you with any of the symbols.

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