Gold, Silver Plated Pendulum


Gold Color Spiral Divination Pendulum by Chakra balancing, Chakra Healing, Spiritual Energy, Crystal Healing, Balancing Energy, Emotional Healing Energy, Healing Therapies , Manifestation, Energy Magnification, Protection. Hypnotherapists use such pendulums for Healing Patients and treating them for various disorders like Lack of Concentration, Stress, Anxiety, Pain Relief, Sleep Disorders, Weight Loss, Depression & from many more incurable diseases.

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Gold Plated Pendulum


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  • The Size Of Pendulum is 5 cm Approx & The size of chain is 20 cm. Weight : 11 gm. Dowsing pendulum for dowsing gold, water, ghosts, checking aura and energy of any home and property
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  • Brass Plated Brass Core Spiral Pendulum. Sculpted of brass and plated in gold, this pendulum features a bob that has been designed in a wide open spiral that narrows in a conical design to the pointed spool.
  • Pendulum react to your subconscious mind. When held properly, the pendulum will react to very small nerve reactions in your fingers that are generated by your unconscious mind in response to a question poised. Relax and focus. Clear your mind of worries.
  • People also trust the pendulum enough and have developed such a relationship to let the the pendulum guide them with the most difficult spots of their lives.
Weight 11 g
Metal Colour

Silver, Gold