Clear Quartz Stone Carved Angel


Clear Crystal Quartz Natural Stone Angel Chakra Crystal Healing Stone, Crystal Therapy Gemstone For Vastu, Meditation, Protection, Energy, Abundance, Luck Gifts For Family And Friends.

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Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Carved Angel


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  • One of the Powerful Healing Stone, Calms the mind, Helps Bring Clarity In Decision Making,
  • Amplifies the energy & thoughts
  • Promotes clarity of mind & aid in creativity
  • Clear quartz is a popular crystal, often used to strengthen the effect of other crystals, purify energy, and aid in manifestation. It is a transparent and colorless type of quartz that is a must for any crystal collector.
  • Clear quartz is a powerful crystal with a very restorative and amplifying energy. It’s often used with other stones to strengthen their effects, making it a great addition to crystal grids. It also clears and activates all of the chakras and can be used to purify the physical and energetic bodies.
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