Ethiopian Opal Sterling Silver 925 Pendant


Natural Ethiopian Opal Sterling Silver 925 Pendant

100% Authentic Stone

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Natural Ethiopian Opal Sterling Silver 925 Pendant


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Healing properties and benefits of Ethiopian Opal:-

  • Ethiopian Opal, by balancing all chakras and auras, transmutes the negativity from the holder’s surroundings as well from within.
  • It increases the psychic abilities which enables better communication with the angelic realms.
  • It assists the wearer in becoming confident, positive, joyful and loving.
  • It’s white energy activates the crown chakra, which is the spiritual centre and helps the wearer to interact with the infinite, with the divine.
  • Ethiopian Opal helps the wearer to learn to love himself by reminding him that all things around him are good and true.
  • It’stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energy.

Note: The Chain shown in the image is not included with the product.

Elevate your style with the enchanting allure of this Ethiopian Opal Sterling Silver 925 Pendant. The vibrant and iridescent Ethiopian Opal, known for its captivating play of colors, takes center stage in this finely crafted piece. Set in a sterling silver frame, the pendant exudes a perfect blend of elegance and natural beauty.