Dalmatian Jasper Small Tumble Bracelet


Natural Dalmatian Jasper Crystal Tumble Beads Bracelet

100% Authentic Stone

Handmade Elastic Bracelet

Use for Women, Men, Girls, Kids and Gifts

Dalmatian Jasper Tumble Bracelet


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  • It helps bring clarity of mind to reveal one s strengths and weaknesses,bringing in a calm sense of tranquility, wholeness, and control.
  • It helps increase loyalty in relationships by guiding on a path of self love, and honesty.
  • Its black inclusions are black tourmaline, giving it protective and grounding properties.
  • The black tourmaline in this stone aids in its ability to transmute electromagnetic frequencies; blocking environmental pollution and radiation.
  • Dalmatian Jasper aids in breaking down defense mechanisms that no longer serve a purpose. Thus helping a person to think more clearly, enhancing decisiveness, and increasing organizational skills.
  • This is a great crystal for anyone that is over analytical or paranoid.