Clear Quartz Stone Buddha Small Statue


“Illuminate your space with the pristine beauty of this Small Buddha Statue, meticulously handcrafted from Clear Quartz, the master healer and amplifier of energy. The serene Buddha figure is artfully carved from the crystal-clear Clear Quartz, known for its ability to purify and harmonize energies. This exquisite miniature sculpture exudes a sense of clarity and enlightenment, making it a perfect addition to your home or meditation sanctuary. Invite the purifying and energizing properties of Clear Quartz into your surroundings with this small Buddha statue, a symbol of wisdom and spiritual growth.”

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Benefits of Clear Quartz Stone:

• Energy amplification and enhancement
• Clarity, focus, and decision-making
• Spiritual growth and meditation aid
• Energy cleansing and physical well-being

Products Size: Length 3 cm x Width 2 cm x Height 5 cm, Weight: 30-40 gm (Approx)