Clear Quartz Point Pendant Thread


Natural Clear Quartz Point Pendant Thread


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Beautiful crystal point pendant on a thread, perfect for adding style and positive vibes to your look.

Benefits of Clear Quartz Crystal:-

  • Clear Quartz will amplify any energy with which it moves into resonance, including other stones, constantly broadcasting that energy into the Earth’s electromagnetic field.
  • This makes Clear Quartz an excellent stone to use for healing, manifestation or prayer work.
  • Clear Quartz helps to establish a strong, clear connection to higher guidance.
  • It aids in concentration and unlocks memory.
  • This quartz also stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.
  • Clear Quartz can balance and revitalize the physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.
  • It is often used by healers that use it for meditation, higher guidance, manifestation, contacting spirits & spiritual growth.
  • Clear Quartz crystal has been valued for its beauty, physical and metaphysical properties.
Weight 10-20 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 4 cm