Blue Opal Cabochon


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Blue Opal Cabochon


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Experience the healing energy of crystals with a curated collection of CABOCHONS
A cabochon stone features a polished domed surface in contrast to a faceted cut. Rather than sparkle, Cabochons captivate by enhancing colour, reflection or translucence over a domed surface.
Blue Opal – Financial growth, Harmony, Communication, Metabolism


  • It relieves tension and brings peace.
  • It ensures smooth communication with family, friends and partners.
  • It’strengthens the bond of trust.
  • It helps to deal with fear and anger,
  • It gives you courage to take a step forward.
  • It releases blockages and positively influences the energy flow.
  • Blue Opal brings luck in business ventures.
  • Blue Opal is a powerful stone for the soul during meditation.
  • It is an energy boosting and optimistic stone.
Note:- The Cabochons mentioned can be in different shapes