Amethyst Faceted Beads Infinity Charm Bracelet


Natural Amethyst Crystal Round Faceted Beads

Infinity Charm Bracelet

100% Authentic Stone

Handmade Elastic Bracelet

Use for Women, Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s and Gifts

Amethyst Faceted Beads Infinity Charm Bracelet


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Benefits of Amethyst Crystal:-

  • It provides protection from negative energies.
  • It is helpful in insomnia and nightmares.
  • Meditating with Amethyst reduces anger, anxiety, stress and depression.
  • It is useful for fighting addiction
  • It improves concentration, enhances memory and is helpful in studies.
  • Amethyst strengthens metabolism and immune system.

Natural Amethyst 10 mm Faceted 16 Beads.

Please note: You will receive one crystal similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Every crystal is unique & Color, weight, and size may vary slightly due to the stone’s natural characteristics.