Buying crystals can be fraught with many pitfalls. Considering the vast amount of crystals available in the market and each loaded with their unique attributes, choosing one for yourself can be overwhelming. When a person hears the words ‘crystals’, ‘healing’ & ‘transformation’, the first thought that comes to the mind is – What exactly is crystal therapy and how do you identify the ones best suited for you?

Crystals have been used for many years now for they have a unique frequency that resonates to an individual’s mind. Crystals are known to generate energy and direct them to a source, thus sparking transformation. Crystal therapy has grown to be accepted as a means of alternate healing.

To begin your healing journey, let’s start with an understanding of each crystal :

1. Citrine
A stone of success and joy, Citrine can help guide you towards new opportunities and connect with your life’s purpose. Fun and yellow, this stone instils within you the feeling of immense joy, confidence and creativity. In times of difficulty, it empowers you to stay open, both emotionally and mentally.
This crystal also helps attain professional and personal goals. Known to bring abundance and financial success, Citrine infuses your life with light, happiness and prosperity. It also aids in transforming ideas into realities.

What it looks like : From bright honey to deep burnt orange.

Mantra to repeat when using Citrine : “Into my purpose, I am confidently growing”.

2. Clear Quartz
This transparent stone with cooling vibes is known for its calming and amplifying properties. The clarity of this stone helps multiply the effects of other crystals, balance and revitalize the soul and filters out negative energies of all kinds. This glass-like stone enhances psychic abilities and brings immense clarity to intellect. For stimulating clear thinking, it can be kept prominently displayed in your office or on your desk while working. Placing it in high-traffic areas in your home can be beneficial since it is a purifier of energy.

What it looks like : Clear and glasslike. It can also be cloudy colorless or slightly white in appearance.

Mantra to repeat when using it : “I attract others’ light and share my light with them in return”.

3. Green Aventurine
A confidence booster, Aventurine is nicknamed as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’. Tapping into its lucky powers ensures that Good things keep flying your way. Bringing luck in love, career and life prospects, Aventurine brings nothing short of pure gratitude and positivity to the table.
This stone in a bright green shaded courage’s a certain zest for living. Also an excellent crystal for navigating obstacles, it helps you see difficulties as an opportunity for personal growth.
When carrying a green aventurine, you encounter several spontaneous luck

What it looks like : It ranges from a cloudy sea-foam green to bright apple green.

Mantra to repeat when using it : “In all situations I face, I encounter the best possible results”.

4. Black Tourmaline
A relatively common stone, Black Tourmaline is your best answer when it comes to grounding, purification and protection. Perfect for people feeling stuck in their lives, Black Tourmaline helps promote self-confidence and restore one’s vitality.
To those who spend a lot of time in public spaces, this stone helps protect you from absorbing other peoples’ energy. An aura cleanser, Black tourmaline helps in absorbing environmental pollutants, electromagnetic radiations, harmful pollutants and negative vibrations.

What it looks like : Often rectangular in shape and deep black.

Mantra to repeat when using it : “I am unmoved by any negative energy aimed at me and fully protected”.

5. Lapis Lazuli
Found in deep shades of blue and purple, Lapis Lazuli has been used since ancient times for its alluring shade and its ability to help you live your very best life!
This royal blue stone encourages self-expression, knowledge and the ability to speak the truth in all situations. It makes you realize your self-worth.

For growing the relationships in your life, Lapis Lazuli is the best tool. A highly spiritual stone, it also encourages understanding, truthful communications.

Welcome this beautiful jewel into your life for its inspirational spiritual wonders!

What it looks like : Often found a beautiful intense cobalt blue.

Mantra to repeat when using it : “I choose to act as my highest self and stand in my truth in all moments”.

6. Rose Quartz
The blushing hues of Rose Quartz stand for love and compassion. A stone strongly associated with the heart chakra, this stone stands for love of all kinds. It fosters the feelings of self-confidence and self-worth while ridding the mind of negative emotions like anger, jealousy and hatred. Also known to heal relationship problems and attract new love, it helps develop a deeper bond with friends, family, spouse and other relationships.

A stone for everyone craving more love in their lives!

What it looks like : Pale pink with translucent transparency.

Mantra to repeat when using it : “I am open to receive love. I am safe and nurtured. My heart is filled with peace, tolerance, forgiveness and kindness”.

Now that you’re familiar with the properties of few commonly found crystals, the question remains – What do you intend to Manifest? To feel the crystal’s energy, pick them up with your bare hands and choose the crystal that appeals to you the most! Once you feel a certain pull towards any stone, it is safe to say that the Crystal has Chosen you!