Toucan Bird


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    The Toucan is a Native American tribal symbol carved on totem poles. The Toucan is a bird that symbolizes communication and showmanship. The Toucan’s bright colours and huge bill suggest a strong desire to be noticed and heard. When the Toucan appears as a totem, It’s probably time to emerge from the shadows and bask in the spotlight for a bit.

    Black Agate – Bird
    Protection, courage, and success are all attributes associated with Black Agate.
    Black agate is a stone of new beginnings, change, and transition, and it helps to soothe strong emotions such as sadness, worry, and rage.
    Black Agate has balancing, centering and grounding effects.

    Angelite- Beak
    Angelite is a celestial stone that connects you to the angelic realms.
    It helps in calming stress and anxiety.
    It aids in forgiveness and fosters generosity.

    White Agate- Base
    White Agate is a stone of Balance.
    It helps in overcoming frustration and anxiety.
    It releases body toxins and boosts the immune system.

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