Sphatik Meru Shree Yantra Shivling



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Sphatik Meru Shree Yantra Shivling is the potent yantra. It is connected to Lord Shiva and is considered very auspicious. The Shivling represents the seat of creation, which is the union between Lord Shiva and Shakti.

The gemstone Sphatik or Clear Quartz is considered to be the purest crystals and is renowned as a Master Healer .
One receives blessings from Lord Shiva in the form of peace, happiness and prosperity.
It dispels negative vibes and fills the aura with positive energy
It ensures spiritual progress and transformation.
The Shivling offers protection from diseases and ailments.
It maintains harmony among family members. Meditating with this sacred Sphatik Meru Shree Yantra Shivling increases concentration and focus.

Product Detail: Length: 8 | Width: 4 | Height: 4.2 | Weight: 203 Gm |

Weight 203 g
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4.2 cm