Smokey Quartz Mini Ball

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    Smokey Quartz Mini Sphere

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    Begin your mediation and healing journey by using these mystical Crystal Mini Spheres
    The roundness of the crystal sphere represents a sense of oneness, wholeness, completion, karma, and respect for cyclical energies.
    Smokey Quartz – Negativity, Fear, Depression, Dream Manifestation
    There are stones that remind you of some of the most precious things in nature; when you look at smoky quartz stone, it reminds you of the energies that you feel when you are in a forest, close to Mother Earth, surrounded by tall trees and their brown trunks. This stone is a semi-precious type of quartz. It is available in different shades of brown and is generally worn in rings or pendants & Bracelets. Commonly, people prefer wearing them in Bracelets. It helps in balancing energies: It doesn t matter if you have positive energies in your life at the moment or negative ones, all that matters is that you are capable to balance them in a proper way with the help of this stone.The healing properties of this stone heal your Third Eye and make It’stronger. All you need to do is meditate often after wearing this stone.It gives you the boost that you need in your life: We all need motivation in life, but there can be nothing better than self-motivation. With the help of this stone, you can actually keep yourself motivated to do everything that you wish to and achieve the highest goals that you have made for yourself. It can be the best stone to heal depression: If you are under depression and need constant motivation, this stone can be your best friend.Wear This Smokey Quartz Stone as a Bracelet.