Pyrite Included Clear Quartz Cluster


Natural Pyrite Included Clear Quartz Cluster

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Benefits of Pyrite Included Quartz:

Pyrite, also known as ‘fool’s gold,’ adds a hint of confidence and strong determination to the mix. Clear Quartz, the master healer, amplifies the qualities of the stones it accompanies. Together, they create a powerful band of prosperity around your wrist, believed to not only attract wealth but also to maintain it.

Quartz with Pyrite is considered as a protective stone from any harmful energies and physical threat by providing a shelter within the person’s atmosphere that is delivering the stone.

It is often used to shield against negative energies, enhance one’s willpower, and promote a sense of confidence and self-worth.

It also recognized the status of awareness and giving means for achieving those areas within us and uses our own abilities and skills, as well. It also creates power field within the aura, avoiding out any pessimistic vibrations of pollutants at the physical intensity.