Peridot Bracelet In Round Beads


A natural peridot bracelet crafted with round beads offers a stunning accessory that exudes elegance and charm. Peridot, a gemstone known for its vibrant green hue, is believed to symbolize vitality, growth, and prosperity.

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Benefits & Healing properties of Peridot:
  • It brings prosperity and happiness as it boosts creative powers and resulting satisfaction gained from work.
  • It is a stone for emotional strength and letting go of the past, also helps individuals suffering from depression.
  • Peridot stones have capacity for healing liver and digestion related ailments.
  • It brings good luck and makes the user realize their cherished dreams.
  • It helps an individual in discovering ones hidden talents leading to ultimate purpose in life.
  • It provides protection from evil eyes and negative energy.
Weight 10-20 g
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