Green Strawberry Quartz Bracelet (Watermelon Shaped Beads)


Natural Green Strawberry Quartz Crystal Bracelet

(Watermelon Shaped Beads)

100% Authentic Stone

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Handmade Elastic Bracelet

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Green Strawberry Quartz Bracelet (Watermelon Shaped Beads)


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Benefits of Green Strawberry Quartz

Green strawberry quartz is thought to have some special powers: it helps balancing the connections between the physical and spiritual self. This stone will help you understand your own feelings and those of other people; it will help to lighten up painful emotions and bring love back into your life.

Green quartz is also believed to turn negative energy into positivity, enhance emotional health, and increase prosperity as well as help its wearers clear their minds and recall long-lost memories.

Emotionally, Green Strawberry Quartz is thought to bring comfort and support during times of stress or emotional turmoil. Its calming vibrations may assist in alleviating anxiety and promoting a sense of inner peace. By encouraging positive emotions, this crystal may contribute to a more balanced and uplifted mood.

Watermelon Shaped 31 Beads

Please note: You will receive one crystal similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Every crystal is unique & Color, weight, and size may vary slightly due to the stone’s natural characteristics.