Selenite Bowl, Charging, Cleansing Bowl


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Selenite Bowl, Charging, Cleansing Bowl


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Cleanse, Charge and Energise your crystals by placing them in this serene Selenite Bowl.
Selenite possesses a property that it amplifies and purifies the energy of other crystals. Selenite does not need to be cleansed, it naturally transmutes negative energy. This is the reason why it is so beneficial for cleansing and charging.
How to cleanse your crystals and crystal jewellery using a Selenite bowl
Place the crystals on the Selenite bowl for a few hours.
Leave the stones on Selenite as long as you wish, crystals love the SelenIt’s energy
Keep the crystals used daily in this Selenite bowl for continuous cleansing.
These magical Selenite bowls make an aesthetic display in your home. You can place your crystal jewellery or other small tumbled crystals in them. Because of their high vibration, Selenite bowls can cleanse your favourite stones while bringing harmony and peace to your home.
Avoid Using or exposing selenite crystals to water.