Premium Rose Quartz Tumble Stones


  • Single Tumble
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Tumble stones are a versatile shape that is all-purpose and radiates energy gently in various directions.

Rose Quartz is renowned for the stone of Unconditional Love. Rose Quartz is a pink quartz variety. Hyaline Quartz is another name for it. It features a translucent transparency and a vitreous sheen, as well as a pale pink tint.

Benefits of Rose Quartz:-
It promotes healthy relationships, friendships and self-love.
It has a soothing energy that can help those dealing with emotional traumas and heart-breaks.
It is also great to see the beauty in everything, making one more grateful.
Rose Quartz is connected with the feminine divine, meaning that it carries the aura of compassion and peace and the warmth of mothering – all with the superior strength of spirit.
It alleviates stress and anxiety.
It instills a sense of calm and peace.