Pisces (Meena) Zodiac Sign Bracelet 8MM


  • Bracelets that are perfect for your zodiac sign.
  • Believed to bring good luck and fulfill the dreams of its wearer, these beautiful Bracelets are each made of unique stones to coincide with your zodiac sign.
  • They help combat through difficult times, connect you with positive traits of your zodiac sign and increase planetary influence.
  • Zodiac bracelets, also known as star sign bracelets and constellation bracelets, are a great gift idea regardless of age.
  • A star sign bracelet displays the constellation of stars for your horoscope.
  • A zodiac sign bracelet displays the symbolic animal of your horoscope.
Pisces (Meena) Zodiac Sign Bracelet


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Benefits of Zodiac Sign:-

This Pisces Bracelet is made using the following quality power healing beads 8mm Fluorite,Obsidian,Green Aventurine.The bracelet made using strong jewellery elastic and will comfortably stretch to fIt’sizes.


Fluorite: Pisces are sensitive, compassionate, kind, intuitive, sympathetic and imaginative, fluorite helps them to strengthen these qualities and stabilize, ground and harmonize their energies.
Obsidian: Obsidian is known as the stone of fulfilment as it brings happiness, contentment and pleasure

Green Aventurine: It is believed that this stone can open a Pisces mind to positivity. It opens you up to allow good things to happen in your life by clearing the emotional blockage.
Please note there can be small discrepancies with zodiac sign dates depending on the sources you consult. This is due to to the sun not entering signs at the exact same time each year.We believe our dates to be the most commonly accepted as correct.Each zodiac sign has a number of crystals and gemstones that it is aligned with.Note the healing crystal meanings are for spiritual support and are not prescriptions or health care information.

Products Size : Adjustable|Color :Multicolor|Weight : 20 gm Approx

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Please Note: You will receive one crystal similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique.