Parad Meru Shree Yentra


Parad Properties–

Mentioned in brahma puran that the wearer and user of parad idols brings all enjoys for that person. Blessing from the lord rains on them who worship and use parad. Parad idols give mokshya and honors and glorifying life.

  • It provides a lot of help when someone is trying to quit bad addictions.
  • It has a calming as well as soothing energy that helps in relieving anxiety, stress, and fears.
  • It helps in improving emotional well-being and soothing emotions.
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The Shree Yantra or the Chakra is among the world’s most ancient symbols. For many millennia the Shree Yantra has been used to bring good fortune, wealth, and health, and as an aid for meditation. The Maha Meru Shree Yantra is a three-dimensional projection of the great Chakra yantra. The Maha Meru Shree Yantra is said to contain the energies of all other yantras and all traditions. It is considered to be very promising when kept in temples, pooja rooms and business places. The Shree Pyramid Yantra is a form of mystical diagram, known as a Yantra. It Provides affluence, authority, power & comfort which makes life appear at its best and so on the Shree Pyramid Yantra best its own success to its possessor. The Meru Chakra is the most important corrective tool of Vastu. It can be effectively used for correcting defects of the North (direction of health, fortune and money) and Northeast (energetically most essential and most valuable area of the house). The Meru Chakra, the Sri Yantra s three-dimensional form, is the most powerful healing tool of Vedic sacred geometry for abundance. Sri Meru Chakra is perfect for wealth on all levels spiritual, financial, success, prosperity, career, health, fame and protection.