Golden Rutile Faceted Beads Anklet (3MM)


Stylish and healing, crystal anklets offer a fashionable way to incorporate the positive energy and benefits of crystals into your daily life.

These beautiful anklets are handcrafted by the Shubhanjali.

Natural Crystal Stone | 3 mm Faceted Beads | 70 Beads | French Wire | Lenght 22-23 cm.

Natural Golden Rutile Crystal Stone Faceted Beads Anklet


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Benefits of Golden Rutile Crystal:-

  • Amplifies energy and motivation: Golden Rutile crystals are believed to boost one’s energy levels and help increase motivation and productivity.
  • Enhances spiritual awareness: Golden Rutile crystals are said to aid in spiritual growth and awareness, helping one to connect with higher consciousness and the divine.
  • Promotes mental clarity: The crystal is thought to help clear mental fog and promote mental clarity, making it easier to focus and make decisions.
  • Supports physical healing: Golden Rutile crystals are believed to support physical healing, particularly in the areas of the nervous and respiratory systems.
  • Helps with manifestation: Golden Rutile crystals are said to be helpful in manifesting one’s desires and intentions, making it easier to bring goals and dreams into reality.
  • Aids in emotional healing: The crystal is thought to help release emotional blockages and promote emotional healing, providing a sense of calm and inner peace.
  • Enhances intuition: Golden Rutile crystals are believed to enhance one’s intuition and psychic abilities, helping one to connect with their inner wisdom and guidance.

Crystal stones are the perfect unique and fashionable gift for any occasion, offering individual properties and energies that make them truly special.

Please note: You will receive one crystal similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique.

Crystal care tips:-
Remember to keep cleansing and charging your crystals every two to four weeks.
If your crystals get damaged/broken, it is recommended to bury them in the earth or immerse it in a river or lake.