Iolite Choker Necklace



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  • Item Dimensions:Length 19 Cm x Width 16 Cm x Height 19 Cm.(Product Weight :-8-12 Gm Approx),Iolite Chips Choker Length-7.5 Cm,Chips Diameter-10 mm.
  • Included Components: 1 Iolite Chips Stone Choker Necklace.
  • Special Feature: Absolutely Fancy & elegant Choker look very nice on neck,Iolite stone faceted bead that look fabulous. Look very Classic & perfect to wear any occasion or a gift for loved. it is very nice & glam chain & Absolutely stunning Choker Necklace.
  • Iolite is beautiful violet stone.Can help calm emotions and still your mind.Activates psychic gifts and helps you connect with your higher guides.
  • Stunning Iolite Chips Choker Necklace.Wear this stunning necklace in a stack to create a unique choker necklace or on its own as a delicate statement piece.