Lodolite Tumble Stones

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    Tumble stones are a versatile shape that is all-purpose and radiates energy gently in various directions. Lodolite is a type of Quartz with different colors and types of inclusions. These inclusions often look like underwater scenes, landscapes, and gardens, making this crystal especially magical. Lodolite is also known as Phantom Quartz.

    Lodolite is a wonderful stone to use for manifesting as it responds very well to programming.
    Lodolite attracts vibrant energies and helps cleanse the inner soul and spirit.
    The spiritual energy of stones like Lodolite reminds one to keep going and do what s best for the body, heart, mind, and spirit.
    Lodolite is a masterful healer and will act as a soothing balm to heal the tired spirit, broken heart, or noisy mind.
    It helps to raise one s consciousness to new levels and promotes self-awareness, intuition, and spiritual development.
    Lodolite enhances communication with spiritual realms.
    It invIt’s loving energy.
    Lodolite is also a dream stone that will evoke lucid dreaming.
    It inspires an individual to be brave and to take more risks.