Larvikite Sphere

Crystal Sphere is a beautiful shape that can be used as decor items and for healing. It’s the expression of unity and completeness. The sphere is the most symmetrical shape; therefore, crystal spheres radiate powerful, high-vibration energy.

Larvikite – Vitality, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Metabolism.

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    Natural Larvikite Crystal Polished Sphere

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    Larvikite Crystal Properties:-

    • Larvikite cleanses the energetic body and offers protection, and grounding through nature.
    • Larvikite is an ideal stone to use to enhance inner vision and psychic abilities.
    • It can be used to work with past life regressions to offer insight and healing by proving clarity to our pasts.
    • It amplifies our sense of confidence in our own minds, our creative hearts, and our innate wisdom.
    • Larvikite patience, support, and provides that extra push to help us complete a task or goal.
    • It also helps us make rational, thoughtful decisions rather than act from impulse and emotion.

    Please note: You will receive one crystal that will be similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique.