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Labradorite Crystal Faceted Beads Bracelet


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Labradorite – Transformation, Perseverance, Psychic Abilities

Labradorite helps to purify your energy and connect you with the energy of light. Having Labradorite in your space creates an energetic shield that protects your aura and strengthens your personal energy supply. It helps you to unfold your true-life purpose and uncover your destiny.

This stone has a lot of interesting physical properties, including its action in protecting the aura. If you ve been working on your spiritual growth, this stone may boost the abilities within the chakras that are above the heart chakra. Labradorite healing properties help to purify your energy and connect you with the energy of light. Place a labradorite crystal on your windowsill to amplify its vast spectrum of colours, and allow the energy to flow into your space.

Wearing or holding Labradorite helps you tap into a higher state of consciousness. It’s a protective stone as well, so it will keep your energy body grounded while allowing you to explore the expanded states of the universe. Connecting to and healing all chakras, boosts mental and spiritual power. The Labradorite meaning opens you up, forcing you to become self-aware enough to see what your true intentions are. Only then can it help you to magnify your resolutions with your full power.

Size:- 6 mm 32 Beads | 8 mm 24 Beads | 10 mm 19 Beads

Natural Stone | Faceted Beads | Handmade Elastic Bracelet.

Please note: You will receive one crystal similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique.

Weight 10 g
Beads Size (mm)