Grid Plates


Product Dimensions:- Wooden Grid Board diameter is 12 inch with a thickness of 0.5 Cm Approx.

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Create a crystal grid using a grid plate and kickstart your manifestation journey!
A crystal grid can help fulfill one s intentions or set the energy of a space. It can be used to make specific crystal grids for regular healing processes.
Crystal grids help to direct, channel, and focus energy.
Balance, energize and heal all the seven chakras by making a crystal grid with the help of the Seven Chakra Grid plate.
A Yantra is a geometric diagram used as an aid for meditation.
The Shree Yantra is the master of all Yantra since all other Yantras originate from it. It is a visual representation of the totality of existence.
One can create a powerful crystal grid using this Shree Yantra Grid plate that helps in bringing positive energy, peace, prosperity, harmony and good fortune.
Product Dimensions:- Diameter=31 cm, Weight = 140-160 grams