Green Phantom Quartz Point Cluster ( Lab grown )


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  • Material:- Green Phantom Quartz.
  • Green Phantoms are great for helping one recognize the Earth as a living being, and connecting to soul-level.It is a strong crystal for healing.
  • Lab-grown crystals are synthetic gemstones created in controlled laboratory environments to mimic the properties of naturally occurring crystals. They replicate the chemical composition and structure of their counterparts through controlled processes, offering sustainable and ethical alternatives to mined gems. These crystals are valued for their consistent quality, purity, and affordability, finding applications in jewelry, technology, and scientific research.

  • Best for decorating your home & office,Gifts to family and friends on important days such as birthday,New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day for father, mother, him or her,Add to your stone collections.
  • Crystal, Phantom Cluster, every piece is different as each cluster is made by laboratory.Just like each and every person, each crystal is unique and different,color, shape, and size will vary.Please note that visual representation of our products, especially colors, may appear a little different due to lighting in the photographic process.

Please note: You will receive one crystal similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique.