Anti-Radiation Shungite Chip


Shield yourself with this remarkable stone named Shungite!
This magnificent stone helps to kill bacteria and viruses, Shungite has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and it also shields electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions and reduces stress.
You can put this chip on your mobile or keep it by your computer table to avail its countless benefits.

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Anti-Radiation Shungite Chip


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  • Protects against harmful health effects of electromagnetic radiation emitting from cell phones. The chip is clinically tested & certified by SHRIFAL GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORY SERVICES.It is GOVT certified.
  • It is fixed on mobile phone , wi fi box, microwave oven, television and other electronic appliances
  • Shungite Chip for Mobile phone.This can be used in the phone cover or can be glued/Double Tape over the phone or electronic devices like wifi box, laptop, tablet etc.
  • Mobile chip Radiation Protection Chip for Mobile mobile for radiation anti radiation chip for smartphone.