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Amethyst – Spiritual Awakening, Peace, Protection, Insomnia, Spirituality, Nightmares, Tranquility, Protection

Amethyst is purple quartz, the traditional birthstone for February.It derives its name from the Greek word amethyst, meaning not drunk . The Greeks wore amethyst for protection against drunkenness, evil thoughts, magic and homesickness. In India, amethyst is used by Buddhist monks to aid in meditation. The stones are 100% natural.

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A crystal point is the ideal ally for when you need to focus and direct energy into your aims. Raw crystals possess the purest and most potent energy.
Amethyst s has a natural frequency level that purifies any negative energy and transforms it into a protective shield of Light around the body.
Amethyst is rooted to the third eye chakra. The third eye is known as the source of power and wisdom. Amethyst promotes serenity and calm. It has the power to alleviate stress, anxiety and pain.
It is said to be an amazing crystal to intensify physical vitality, particularly after treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, or any pharmaceutical process.
In addition to its physical healing properties, Amethyst is widely used by those who practise meditation.
Amethyst helps you build analytical skills.
It can help manifest and discover your true self without being influenced by other people and their expectations. The deep purple hue of amethyst stirs up love and affection within you.
One of Amethyst s great benefits is its ability to expand the higher mind. It enhances creativity and passion. It reinforces the ability to imaginate, deepens intuition and refines thinking.