Spiral Sea Shells for Aquarium Craft Seashells


Spiral Seashells are known to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, and imagination. It helps to enhance mental clarity and provides insight into decision-making.Spiral Seashells Dimensions in cm ( W x H) – 3 x 2 cm.Shells reduce stress and allow a greater sense of awareness. Shells can accelerate the healing process too mentally, physically and emotionally. Shell symbolize water and moon which allow an individual to become more expressive, calm and soft hearted. Shells depict unity too and imply to express the relationship, strength, balance and energy. The magnetic energy of shells balances the larger magnetic field that surrounds the human body.Shells are associated with the third eye chakra of opening vision, intuition and spiritual insight. It also holds properties associated with release and purification as well. Conducive to healing shells acts as a balancing tone, creating a feeling of peaceful rest associated with the heart chakra.

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    • Sea shells deflect superfluous energies from your aura and prevent any positive energy to move out from the body.Nautilus Seashells rationale to purify the surrounding space. This shell incorporates water feature and develops the living qualities of water in a wearer. Shells act as a symbol of the particular universal form along with natural cosmos and triggers wearer memory to innate health and happiness.
    • Nautilus shells are a symbol of the triple goddess which signifies the three stages in woman s life: first as a beautiful young unmarried woman (independent, self-absorbed, seeking as birth), second as birth giving the Mother (unified, consistent, compassionate fostering, creating), and third as death and renewal the Crone (holistic, remote, and unknowable). According to sacred Hindu rIt’s, shells are used to purge the earth of negative energy.
    • Its healing properties are reflected in the human energy field and are the symbol of the masculinity and the femininity; it gives the wearer the strength, balance and renews the physical energy. Shells hold the curative values for diseases, like speech and communication, nervous system by delivering the cationic charge to the neural network and degenerative diseases.
    • Shells incorporate a water feature which in turn cradles the soul cleanses and purifies. Shells are chosen as a memory activator of our instinctive health and well being, and for being part of a larger natural outer space. Shells reflect the spectrum of healing light in which each person and the organizing principles help the wearer to stay in a natural law. Nautilus fossils, shells are said to instil one s quality in order to heighten business accomplishments.
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    Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm