Gomti Stone Thread Bracelet


Bracelet for Women, Stone Beads Bracelet for Men, Fashion Crystal Healing Stone Bracelet for Unisex jewellery 3 Gomti (Black, White)

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    Gomti Chakra is a rare natural and spiritual product, a form of shell stone.Gomati Chakra ensures the blessings of Godess.Lakshmi Ji -The Godess of Wealth and Prosperity. People who Possess Gomati Chakara Will be Blessed with Money, Good Heath and Prosperity. It’s also believed to protect you from Negativity. Wearing Gomati Chakra bracelet blessed with money, good health and prosperity in life. Gomati Chakra is a rare natural and spiritual product found in Gomati River. Gomti Chakra is found in gomti River in Dwarka, a part of Gujarat in India.