Serpentine Parrot 3



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Parrot is a bird that represents long life, communication, friendliness, sociability, playfulness, happiness and good fortune. They help make us positive, creative, and open-minded individuals.

Jasper: Base
It provides support during stress and brings a sense of tranquility.
It absorbs negativity and provides protection.
It harmonizes the yin and yang energies.

Red Jasper: Beak
Red Jasper enhances self-confidence and courage.
It’stabilizes mood swings.
It gives emotional stability.

Serpentine: Body
Serpentine stone brings inner peace and tranquility.
Serpentine attracts positive energy and dispels negativity.
It is an excellent stone to enhance your career.

Weight 122 g
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 10 cm